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Effective Training Is The Key to Accident Prevention and Compliance 

4Ward Training is dedicated to teaching fundamental principles and technical training involved in all industries, while creating an atmosphere of safety to inexperienced students and experienced workers alike.

We Know Your Industry

With over 40 years experience in the industries, we knows something about what it takes to become a professional and enjoy the rewarding career opportunities that await those who are properly trained and ready to work. That’s why we began 4Ward Training.  We use state-of-the-art training methods that moves the students forward in their careers, while providing professional workers to the workforce. We have the best instructors and experienced field personnel to prepare students for an exciting career or to provide quality training to seasoned veterans.

Industrial Safety Training

We provide both standard and customized industrial safety training and instruction for a broad range of workplace requirements.  We conduct onsite safe meeting for your employees.  We can assist in developing safety policies and procedures for your company.


We provide all types of training including, National Electrical Code Continuing Education, First Aid/CPR/AED, MSHA Part 46, Part 48 and Part 75 miner training, and new miner training.  We also provide training and retraining approved by Virginia Energy. This training includes, Surface and Mine Foreman Continuing Education, Initial Advance First Aid, Advance First Aid Continuing Education, Initial Electrical Repairman, Electrical Retraining, Shot Firer, and Hoisting Engineering.

We are certified with MSHA, Virginia Energy, DPOR, American Red Cross and National Safety Council.

Let us know if there is any training you would like more information on.  

After the Completion of Any Safety Training, Students Will Receive a Certificate of Completion.

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