• Our courses are designed so that students understand the material quickly.

  • Practice tests are given for students preparing to take the NEC Electrical exam.

  • Our Instructor has been praised for outstanding instruction and have over 40 years professional experience.

  • Our training will be done in an approved facility or online.

Our Goals

    • Advance your skills and confidence in training classes we offer.

    • Provide Instructor support and guidance as needed throughout the course.

    • Prepare you to take and pass your NEC electrical exam.

    • Make available course workbooks to assist in passing the NEC electrical exam.

    • Help you meet MSHA, Virginia Energy and DPOR requirements.

Our Instruction

    • Our students experience online or classroom instruction, allowing the student to ask questions and interact with the instructor and with other students, creating a greater learning atmosphere.


    • Fees for our training courses are lower than many other training course.

    • We look forward to being your source for training needs.

    • We invite you to Contact Us with any questions that you may have.

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