Electrical Theory

This course consists of 8 classroom hours to help you pass the PSI Exam.

Do you know where electricity comes from? To be able to say yes to that question, you must have an understand of basic electricity. In this course you'll learn the basics involving: matter, electron theory, magnetism, electromagnetism, the laws of electrical circuits, series circuits, parallel circuits, series-parallel circuits and the basic electrical formulas. The understanding that comes from that study lays the foundation for understanding electrical theory. Only when you know the theory can you truly have confidence in the practical aspects of your electrical work. This full-color course provides hundreds of illustrated graphics, detailed examples, practice questions, practice exams, summaries and a comprehensive practice final exam.

Everyone who works with electricity needs to understand how and why it works. This course is the first step in gaining that understanding. Each unit is organized to include an introduction, graphics, examples, calculations, formulas, a conclusion, and practice questions.

The class includes the following:

If you haven’t already purchased, you will need a copy of the 2017 NEC Code book.

We CANNOT GUARANTEE that you will pass the electrical license exam, but we do GUARANTEE that you will gain additional knowledge and information during this class that will assist in passing the Electrical License Exam. 

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